3 Quick Steps Helping Perth Parents Find The Perfect Babysitter

How Do I Find a Babysitter in Perth Whos right for Me?

Choosing the right childcare and being able to find a babysitter in Perth who’s right for you is a difficult prospect for most parents.  

We want the piece of mind that our children will be safe and content while they’re being cared for and want to be able to totally trust our children’s babysitter should an emergency occur.   

Kin Childcare believes there are three main areas which parents looking to find a babysitter in Perth should pay close attention to, so they know they’re making the right choice for their child’s care. 

Step 1: Qualifications & Experience

Making sure any childcare in Perth you look into fully outlines the qualifications of their carers.

It’s critical all carers working with kids both have a WA Police Clearance and their Working With Children (WWC) Certificate. 

This is something which Kin Childcare guarantees with every one of our staff from Bronze up to Gold Carers required to update these credentials regularly.

What are Bronze, Silver & Gold Kin Carers?

If you’re looking for a little extra piece of mind or if your child needs a little extra care, being able to find a babysitter in Perth who is qualified in First Aid is no longer a hassle.

All of our Kin Silver Carers and over, meet this criteria.

These babysitters are all to follow these conditions strictly while our Gold level carers also have a Diploma/Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

This makes them the ultimate professionally qualified sitter to foster a nurturing, fun yet safe environment for your child to grow from the comfort of your own home.

Step 2: The Cost of Childcare in Perth

The cost of childcare in Perth has been on the rise each year for quite sometime now which is why it’s important to find a babysitter in Perth who is good, affordable, trustworthy and reliable.

Kin Childcare babysitters are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold Carers depending on the level of care and the level of qualifications you desire for your child.

See our highly competitive pricing and offered services which range from $20 to $30/hour.

Step 3: Knowing your babysitter

Deciding on new childcare in Perth can be tough, especially because so much of how you and your child feels about any particular sitter can only really be learned after hiring them.

Feeling comfortable with your babysitter is critical in finding the perfect sitter and it’s recommended you learn as much as possible about the person prior to hiring them.

Here at Kin Childcare, parents are never faced with such a problem as you’re able to explore each of our carers’ profile pages to learn more about their qualifications, background interests and personality up front.

You can view previous customers’ testimonials and star ratings before you book and even get to know your carer by watching their introductory video so you start to get a real feel for them before you even make contact!

Once you’ve made your decision, you can get in touch with them to arrange a meeting or conversation over the phone to make sure you’re 100 per cent comfortable hiring them.

What’s more, by choosing Kin Childcare, you will be able to stay in contact directly and live, through the Kin app so you never miss a special moment and can finally relax while you take care of other important tasks at hand.

…and that’s it. It’s that simple to find a babysitter in Perth who’s just perfect. One, Two, Three.