5 Signs You Can’t Trust Your Perth Nanny Agency

Here are 5 signs for parents and carers to look out for when knowing whether to trust a nanny agency in Perth.

Trusting is hard

For Parents:

1. Accreditation

If a nanny agency in Perth does not clearly outline that all of their carers are properly qualified and accredited but also explain what these qualifications are, then this could raise a serious red flag when wondering whether or not to trust them.

It’s compulsory for all paid and non-paid people who work closely with children in Australia to have been fully certified with a Working with Children Certificate.

For more information on these requirements, check out https://www.education.wa.edu.au/working-with-children-check.

at Kin Childcare, our carers are all fully qualified to work with children and are all over 17 years of age.

Each carer is also required to provide a recent National Police Clearance  to ensure you’re able to trust them looking after your children.

Up-to-date First Aid qualifications  are also held by Gold and Silver Level Kin Carers to ensure your children are safe in the event of an accident, sickness or emergency.

2. Inflated Prices

Excessively inflated prices from any online nanny agency in Perth who provides access to independent child carers should certainly raise some eyebrows.

With such low overheads to run the business, parents have to ask themselves what all that hard earned money is going towards?

Kin Childcare charges 3 seperate hourly rates for our different levels of care which are highly competitive with other nanny agencies in Perth.

3. Lack of Reviews From Past Parents

If you’re checking out one of the many nanny agencies in Perth and can’t seem to find any comments or reviews from past clients, ask then you should definitely question this. Could the agency’s reviews be overwhelming negative and therefore not featured?

Kin Childcare proudly displays our carers’ past reviews and ratings by families so you can be sure you have chosen the right nanny agency in Perth for you and your children.

You can also find a bunch of testimonials from happy parents about our carers and our platform’s services.

4. Choice of carers

If your family opts for an independent carer through a nanny agency in Perth, then you should typically be able to choose your own carer from a large list of applicants.

No ability to choose your own carer is another serious red flag to watch out for in your selection process.

Getting to know your carer before you book, so you and your family feel comfortable with them is an important factor for most parents.

At Kin Childcare, parents are more than welcome to arrange a meeting with their potential carer before the job begins.

This can be done easily and accessibly through the Kin App by SMS, in app messaging or calling direct.

5. Privacy

Trusting a smaller online nanny agency in Perth with sensitive data and payment details can often be a bit stressful.

Many of the smaller boutique nanny agencies around Perth are less established and have less of a reputation to help parents feel at ease when it comes to trusting them with this information.

You should look for a nanny agency in Perth who uses a trusted third party app to hold your credit card info rather than the agency itself.

At Kin Childcare, we utilise Stripe for all transactions to ensure your banking data stays its safest and most secure.

We also take your data storage really seriously, sorting and storing all our customers’ data in an encrypted storage server.

For Carers:

We thought we’d also throw in a couple of things which carers should look out for when trying to determine whether any particular nanny agency in Perth can be trusted.

6. Trusted, Fast and Routine Payment

A clearly laid out, upfront statement on how and when you will receive payment is one of the first things any carer should look out for when checking the trustworthiness of a given nanny agency in Perth.

At Kin Childcare, our carers receive a direct bank transfer within 48 hours of job completion straight to their nominated bank account, every time.

7. Free Sign Up

Any sign up or subscription fee to advertise your services as a carer with any nanny agency in Perth should definitely sound ‘battle stations’ on your sus radar.

Kin Childcare charges no subscription or ongoing membership fees to our carers or parents, just a simple, no strings attached, hourly rate for completed jobs.

8. Still Paid for Late Cancelations

There’s nothing worse as a private carer, than a job getting canceled last minute, leaving you without a booking and without a lump in your back pocket.

Keep an eye out for some sort of guarantee by a nanny agency in Perth which states you will be compensated for any late cancelations.

Kin Childcare’s policy on cancelations is as follows;

– If a parent cancels within 24 hours of the job commencing, they’re charged 50% of the total job and the carer will receive this amount.

– However, if the parent cancels with greater than 24 hours notice, the parent is refunded the full price of the job and no payment is received by the carer.

– (If you cancel a job within 24 hours of the allocated time then the parents will receive a full refund.)

Child Care Near Me?

If you are a parent or carer who is looking for child care nearby, then you should consider a reputable nanny agency in Perth who you can trust and know will deliver.

Check out our Parents, Carer and Pricing pages to learn more about Kin Childcare and why we’re the perfect nanny agency in Perth for you.