Home Daycare or a Child Care Centre? 7 Tips to Help You Decide

Why Home Daycare Might be Right for You

Perth parents often struggle in making a decision to go either with home daycare or a child care centre and its often hard to know which is the better fit.

While there are many benefits to more structured child care provided through a daycare centre, Kin Childcare believe using qualified professionals in the comfort of your own home is parents’ best option for daycare in Perth.

1.Your Child Receives a Carer’s Undivided Attention

This is a really important thing to consider when deciding if home daycare is right for you and your child.

Through hiring a carer to look after children one on one, your child will develop a special bond with their carer that just isn’t the same as someone working a shift at a centre who has to look after and pay attention to multiple children.

2. The Best Daycare in Perth is One You Don’t Need to Travel to

No one likes the added stress of having to prep the kids and drop them off at a child care centre while you’re rushing to make a busy appointment or get to work on time in the mornings.

You don’t even want to start thinking about drop off, pick up times and peak hour traffic at least for a couple more years until they’re all at school. That’s not to mention all that extra petrol money and time you’d save if you never had to get the kids ready along with you!

If you’re always short of time getting the children out the door then home daycare might just be your best bet.

3. Germs, Germs, Germs!

The unavoidable reality of child care centres is that when you start sending your child there they start getting sick, a lot more often… No matter how hard you try to keep their hands washed, it’s common for them to bring home all sorts of nasties like worms and head lice from interacting with other children at the centre.

Although some exposure to other kids and illnesses early can be good for the immune system of a healthy growing young person, a parent’s line for the health and wellbeing of their child only goes so far.

Let your child learn and play in the familiar and hygienic environment of your own house by using home daycare and know it’s clean because you cleaned it!

4. An Extra Set of Arms

One of the best advantages of getting a home daycare professional is that while they are caring for your child in your home, they are free to lend a helping hand with certain chores around the house (within reason of course!).

Although this depends on each individual carer, meals and other chores including helping your child to tidy up after themselves in areas such as their room will dramatically reduce your workload, letting you relax in a tidy space when you arrive home.

5. Flexible to Your Schedule, Not a Centre’s

Flexibility is an important factor for parents looking for the best daycare. In Perth, childcare centres are unfortunately required to follow strict hours of business throughout the week with little to no flexibility based on the needs of a single parent.

Through opting for home daycare, parents are able to coordinate directly with their child’s carer to arrange a suitable schedule based on your needs rather than those of a daycare business. The level of flexibility this offers depends on each specific carer but you’ll still get far more wiggle room with most home daycare sitters.

6. Lower Prices

Professional home daycare is typically cheaper than opting for child care centres around Perth due to their not being any property related costs involved with running a centre. These include rising property prices, maintenance, cleaning, additional staff for multiple children and reinvestment back into the businesses.

Check out our pricing for home daycare.

7. Direct Line of Communication

What’s more important than keeping in touch with the carer of your child, being able to reach them in an instant, and be regularly updated on the behaviour, progress and adventures your child gets up to each day?

In today’s modern, digitalised era, it has now become common for many of the best daycares in Perth to now offer routine updates of your child. This is done via your smartphone, including multi-media content and updates of things like naughty behaviour or milestones like their first few words.

Unfortunately we all know parents who get to experience this as part of a centre’s service and are disappointed with the results or lack there of. It’s common for a child care centre’s staff to miss or ignore updating a parent via their phone if there is an incident with another child or something spe-cial a parent would love to have a saved memory of.

Our Kin smart phone app allows for one on one and an instant line of communication between you and your child’s carer.

Don’t be another name on a long list which a staff member must send routine selfies of their chil-dren playing each day and let the real moments get missed. Know what your child is really getting up to from a person spending the entire time focused on them. Choose how much feedback you want from your child’s carer and do things your way.

Learn more  about whether home daycare is right for you? Over-all, we believe home daycare is the right option for a growing number of Perth parents, letting you do everything your way, from your home because it’s your child.