How Childcare Experts Find Highly Paid Daycare Jobs in Perth

It can be difficult to know how childcare experts find highly paid daycare jobs in Perth.

If you’re a trained professional, then chances are you’re looking to expand beyond word of mouth and referrals from friends or past clients. These can be slow in generating new clients and often not pay consistently or to the level of qualifi-cations you rightfully deserve.

If you’re looking for new opportunities as a qualified babysitter we thought we’d outline a couple of effective options which are as follows;

Daycare Jobs via online directories

Placing yourself in online directories in your local area can be an effective way to occupy a com-mon digital space which many parents visit when looking to hire a babysitter or childcare expert.

There are many directories in which you can take advantage of placing your contact information in and what’s more, they’re all mostly free.

Check out these:


-E Child Care

-My Child Government Resource (for locating child care centres)

Letting the Experts Handle things

At Kin Childcare, we strive to cultivate and maintain a high standard and quality in our carers and make it easier for them to connect with a thousands of parents and daycare jobs in Perth.

You will be guaranteed a set hourly rate depending on your qualifications and have the opportunity to access countless exclusive babysitting jobs around Perth found nowhere else.

Have a degree or certificate in Childcare or know first aid? We’ll pay you more!

Kin Childcare gives childcare experts access to one of the largest network of nearby families and babysitting jobs in Perth and your local area so you’re able to work close to home and keep your flexibly as key.

Learn more about becoming a Kin Carer

Daycare Jobs via Childcare Employment Agencies

In addition to job searching websites such as Seek and ____, there are a number of specialised online employment agencies who focus on child daycare jobs.

Letting an agency do the hard lifting of selling you to their already established network of busi-nesses and daycare jobs based off your skills and qualifications is certainly effective.

Many of these agencies work closely with businesses who regularly require childcare specialists.

If you’re looking for more structured work away from in-home daycare or babysitting jobs in Perth, this option might be right for you.

Check out _____________________,

Social Media

Keeping up a presence across social media platforms while looking for daycare jobs or babysitting jobs in Perth is still worthwhile making an effort over.


On Facebook, in addition to creating your own business page to start cultivating a following behind, there are also a number of local groups and pages on Facebook which you will be able to find day-care jobs within or at least advertise your services.

Utilising these groups on Facebook is an effective technique due to content posted within and it’s reach to group members.

This is significantly higher than the tiny fraction of your audience who normally see any of your content, thanks to Facebook recently beginning to restrict audience engagement in an effort to monetise their platform.

Here are a few great local babysitting groups on Facebook to help you find daycare jobs:

1. Anywhere In Perth Babysitting/Nanny Group

2. Nannies, Au Pairs And Babysitters Perth WA

3. Perth Nannies and Babysitters

Make sure you have an up to date LinkedIn account and that your account is ranked ‘All-star’ meaning it’s adequately complete. Many people underestimate simply how many job opportunities and potentially new daycare jobs leads can be generated from keeping this on point.

Check out this great video on how to make your LinkedIn profile 5 star.

Get yourself an Instagram business profile and begin posting image content. Check out this useful guide on how to set up an Instagram business profile here by Local Measure.

This will allow you to learn expert insights about your posts and audience like when the best time of day is to post to reach the most of them! By following similar pages in your childcare industry and around your local area, you will begin to start cultivating a number of effective hashtags to target with your posts.

Just like an online directory your post advertising your business will appear here for people brows-ing that particular hashtag.

The better your image is, the higher chance someone is going to engage with it and thus learn more about you and your services so make sure you put a bit of thought into each one.

Here’s a fantastic guide by on what makes an effective Instagram post by Birchbox.


Using apps to connect childcare experts to parents and daycare jobs has been a revolution to find-ing babysitting jobs in Perth.

New technologies allow for ease of communication and connection in an ever widening cross sec-tion of industries including things like ride sharing, food delivery and now daycare jobs.


Our very own Kin app gives you exclusive access to a large and growing network of families and makes connection easier than ever before.

Receive live notification updates of new jobs in your area, update and post content to your carer profile and receive messages in real time from interested parents looking for babysitting.

Jobs in Perth for childcare experts has never been so simple.

Read more on the Kin app.


Sittr is another Australian babysitting app which provides daycare jobs to carers across the coun-try. Although Sittr is a nation-wide app, you are still able to search your local area for the right babysit-ting jobs in Perth.

We hope the tips above help you on your quest to finding more daycare jobs and babysitting jobs in Perth that are right for you.