Our Expert Tips To Help You Find a Nanny in Perth

Are you in the market to find a nanny in Perth that’s a cut above the rest?

Here are a few tips on what you should consider before making your decision;

Make Sure They’re Qualified

Private babysitting and home daycare nannies are not always fully qualified to look after children professionally. Many carers operate on a casual basis and have no formal training or background checks in place.

At Kin Childcare, every single one of our carers has been hand selected to join our list of carers and has undergone a full WA Police Clearance. It is also compulsory for all our Kin Carers to have their Working With Children Certificate so our parents can have the confidence and piece of mind when booking a nanny through us, that they will be properly qualified to care for your children.

What kind of Nanny Do You Want in Case of an Emergency?

It’s every parents worst nightmare leaving the children at home with a babysitter or nanny only to find out an emergency or accident happens while you’re not there.

Ask yourself, if this situation did occur and my child was at risk who would I prefer watching over them? Despite being a lovely and polite young lady, the girl next door who’s parents you know isn’t necessarily the best option should a crisis occur. Shouldn’t you find a nanny in Perth who can han-dle anything thrown in their direction with a bit more experience up their sleeve?

If you’re worried about your child’s safety or health and feel like you would be more comfortable with a higher level of care, our Silver level Kin Carers and above are all fully trained and qualified in First Aid. These qualifications are routinely renewed and revised by our staff.

Get to know them before you book

Being able to find a nanny in Perth both you and your children get along with and trust can often be a dealbreaker for many families. Many times either the kids or parents will not reuse a nanny or babysitter a second time after the kids explain how much they dislike their carer or Mum simply doesn’t trust them around her jewellery.

Parents booking a carer through Kin Childcare have the option to get in touch with a prospective carer and ask to speak or meet first prior to making their booking so you can be absolutely sure they are the perfect fit.

Here are some things to consider discussing during your first meeting when attempting to find a nanny in Perth who’s suitable for your children. These should be covered in advance to making a booking to help you learn if they are the right fit for you:

  • The basics including when your children eat, bathe and sleep
  • Entertainment and playtime – What your children like and what your carer should avoid letting them play with
  • Your children’s interests, likes and dislikes
  • Run your prospective nanny over the childproofed areas of your home and any potential hazards
  • Your nanny may need to know what you would like her to do if your child gets sick and it’s im-portant to have this conversation in planning rather than improvising after the fact
  • Bring up an open conversation about your house rules and assess how they deal with these
  • Hygiene and cleanliness in your home is important. If you’re firm on washing you and your chil-dren washing hands before you wash a bottle or they eat a meal, then don’t hesitate letting your carer know they must enforce this and do it too.
  • Make sure you’ve discussed what to do and what not to do when accidents or emergencies hap-pen and any injury occurs

Pro Tip:

Chuck a list of emergency contact numbers on the fridge or counter, including yours, rela-tives’, neighbour’s and emergency services. A poison and allergies (if your children have any) guide which provides instructions on what to do according to what the child has ingested is also a must to have in somewhere your carer can find it. Discuss your safety plan with them in advance at your meeting.

Kin Childcare also offers parents the ability to browse through our Carers to find a suitable match for you and your children before you cue up any meetings or chat over the phone. Learn more about each of our carers’ backgrounds, qualifications and watch them introduce themselves in a short introductory video. You can even check past parent’s testimonials, reviews and ratings on carers they have used in the past. This ensures you and other parents can make sure each of our previous clients were all extremely satisfied after each was able to find a nanny in Perth whom they could trust.

Don’t Waste Your Time Trying to Find a Nanny in Perth who is suitable

You could waste hours skimming Facebook and other online directories cross checking and con-firming with every nanny you find whether they are appropriate for your children’s in-home care needs.

  • Are they qualified?
  • Do they have adequate training and experience dealing with children?
  • Are they prices inline with my budget?

These types of questions aren’t worth the hassle, which is why you should let Kin Childcare take the hard work out of the task and find a nanny in Perth for your family.

You can be sure all of our carers, no matter who you decide is the right fit to care for your children, are uniformly qualified and priced so the only details you need to worry about is being able to find a nanny in Perth from our list of carers that just feels right.

Not all the best qualified child carers are found in a day care center (h2)

It’s true. Don’t be fooled into thinking a larger commercial day care center in Perth is going to pro-vide higher quality carers simply because they’re an established business operating out of a fixed location with staff in uniform.

Many independent carers are training as nurses and other types of highly qualified caring services and have incredible experience and qualifications caring for children.

Explore our list of Kin Carers.

So whether you’re hopping to find a nanny in Perth right now to care and look after your kids, or you’re still just doing a bit of research, we hope these expert tips help you in making the right decision.