The 3 Reasons Why In Home Child Care is Better For Your Children.

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The Three ‘C’s in Home Childcare Perth

Who are we kidding? It’s tough for parents deciding whether to place their child in a daycare centre or to go with in home childcare in Perth and using a babysitter.

So to help, Kin Childcare has thrown together our three top reasons why in home childcare in Perth is the better option. These are known as the ‘Three C’s in Home Childcare’.

  • Cleanliness
  • Comfort
  • Control


Play centres and daycares are disgusting breeding grounds for horrible germs and bugs because children there often have not learnt proper hygiene yet. Parents know all too well once they start bringing their child to a daycare centre, they will become sick a lot more often and start catching an alarming number of nasty bugs and things like head lice and worms from other children.

By choosing in home childcare in Perth with a Kin Carer, you can be sure your child will stay at their very cleanest and healthiest by minimising their exposure to unhygienic spaces and other sick children. But your child isn’t the only thing that will keep clean!

Opting for an in home childcare service, will mean a carer stays with your child in your own home, allowing for ample time to encourage and nurture things from tidying up their bedrooms and play areas to even helping make a meal. Return from a hard day, without needing to pick your child up on the way, to a tidy space in your home and let coming home finally be the relaxing experience it should be.


Comfort and convenience are at the forefront of the majority of our decisions. We want something simple, easy, efficient, familiar and enjoyable to convince us its the right decision and worthy of our investment.

At Kin Childcare, this is exactly what parent’s in home childcare experience is. We make childcare as comfortable as it can possibly be for both you and your child.

  • Do away with the need for tedious travel times and petrol costs to and from daycare centres.
  • Keep nurturing your child’s growth in the familiar, safe and hygienic environment of your home.
  • Feel the piece of mind your child is safe if there was an emergency. Childcare professionals will be qualified and trained on what to do.

Make the right decision today and place your child in the care of someone you know and can trust in the safety of your own home. See our pricing.


Undoubtably, the biggest advantage and main reason why in home childcare in Perth is a better option for your children comes down to your own control as a parent over the entire situation.

Routines are planned around your schedule rather then being at the whim of specific opening hours at local daycare centres and enforced drop off and collection times.

With your own personal carer, coordinate the perfect time for them to arrive at your house and stay the length of time you demand.

The decision of who looks after your child is also no longer left to chance or circumstance and who was rostered for a shift at a particular centre.

Choosing and trusting the carer looking after your children is a critical component of parent’s and kid’s total daycare experience which should never be over looked. At Kin Childcare, we help you choose the right carer for your child through browsing our list of current carers.

You can learn about their qualifications and interests, watch an introductory video from them so you get a feel for the type of person they are and even read other parent’s testimonials and ratings about their care. You can even arrange to meet up or chat with a carer before you make the deci-sion to book them.

Miss your child too much when you’re at work all day? Be in control of whether you receive text and picture updates and be sure they won’t be forgotten through contacting your carer using our Kin app.

Last but not least, you’re in control of what your carer and child get up to throughout the course of the booking and how often you’re notified along the way. Stimulate your child’s learning early with specific encouraged behaviour, or simply ask your carer to keep a close eye on them to not stick their fingers in their nose!

When making the decision as to which care you will go with for your child, we hope you consider these three reasons why we believe in home childcare in Perth is a better option for you and your children.